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A Message About Aspen Ideas: Health 2020

We choose to prioritize the health and safety of our attendees, speakers, staff, and countless volunteers, and signal our respect for those both locally and globally who are struggling with the consequences of this outbreak.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Health 2020

We hope this page will answer any questions you might have about Health 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Help Us Bring Aspen Ideas: Health 2020 to You

We’re committed to sharing ideas that matter with you — and the world.


Program Tracks

  • Health
    AIH Game Changers 2020

    Game Changers

    Change occasionally sweeps in with transformative force, and countless inventions are on the horizon.

  • Health
    AIH Health Policy And Politics 2020

    Health 2020: Policy and Politics

    The milestones of 2020 prompt us to glance backwards while also looking to the future.

  • Health
    AIH Medical Enterprise 2020

    The Medical Enterprise

    Thinking big across the public and private sectors to create the healthiest population possible.

  • Health
    AIH Healthy Mind 2020

    The Healthy Mind

    Deepening our understanding of the cognitive and emotional pathways to health.

  • Health
    AIH Immunity And Resilience 2020

    Immunity and Resilience

    Building immunity isn't simply a matter of having the right antibiotics or vaccines at hand.

  • Health
    AIH Millennial Way 2020

    The Millennial Way

    Millennials are America’s largest generation, and health care systems will have to shake up core clinical and business practices to respond.

  • Health
    AIH Food Revolution 2020

    Food Revolution

    What tradeoffs in the field and on our plates can maximize better health for all?

  • Health
    AIH Arts As Medicine 2020

    Art as Medicine

    Art's power is evident not only in the pleasure it affords, but in the healing it makes possible.


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